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Team Building

The implementation of advanced strategies needs people, the execution of efficient policies depends on people, and the growth of any brand needs a united, cooperative, and capable team to achieve. Hanas Natural Gas Group’s fast rise to success can be attributed to its long history, great performance, respectable brand name, and most importantly its excellent people. Hanas boasts a team of people fighting for their dreams, a team of people united as one working together planning for a brighter future, a team of people who dare to venture, dare to break the limits and dare to blaze new trails. And they keep fighting and fighting, for the common goals. They are Hanas people, the backbone of Hanas.

For years, Hanas Natural Gas Group puts people first and respects each employee, and has created a harmonious and passionate working place for outstanding talents. In the team building, Hanas implements the advanced Master’s management philosophy to motivate its employees, adopts flexible rules to regulate staff behaviors, holds regular trainings to improve staff professional skills and comprehensive quality. We proactively track staff mentalities and concerns and then solve their needs and problems. While planning overall strategies for company development, we help staff members chart their own career paths and make them grow with the company. We have created a dream team of talents who excel in professional skills, business acumen, entrepreneurship and practical work.

On March 24th, the Chairwoman of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Ms. Liu Hui and her delegation visited Hanas...