Hanas vision

Hanas is committed to pursuing environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions. Our mission is to enable society to change its reliance from polluting to clean energy...
Picture: Hanas adheres to its green development ideal.
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Hanas LNG Plant

Established in 2009, Ningxia Hanas Liquefied Natural Gas Co., Ltd., is located in Yinchuan Economic and Technological Development Zone II, covering an area of more than...
Picture: Hanas LNG Plant
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Hanas Logistics

Established in 2011,Ningxia Hanas Logistics Co., Ltd.,is a modern LNG transportation and logistics enterprise.The company is located inan area of 23 mu (over 15,000 square meters)...
Picture: logistics teams
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Company Philosophy

In our company, each employee is treated as a valuable asset, and the management always tries its best placing everyone in the most appropriate position.In our...
Picture: Upstream Business of group
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Employer Concept

Employee concept: Every employee here is treated as a valuable asset, and we try our best to put everyone in the most appropriate position. We always...
Picture: Downstream Business of Group
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