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Leader’s speech

Dear friends from all walks of life, colleagues, and dear staff:

On behalf of Ningxia Hanas Natural Gas Group Co., Ltd. I would like to give my warm greeting and thanks to all friends and colleagues for your concerted and generous support and help over the years.

Natural gas is an efficient and clean energy with low-carbon emission, however, it only takes 6% in the primary energy consumption structure of China, and its far behind the world average of 24%. China’s 13th Five-Year Plan for Natural Gas Development vows to develop natural gas into one of the main energy sources for the country.

Ningxia Hanas Natural Gas Group Co., Ltd will comply to China’s 13th Five-Year Plan for Natural Gas Development and realize its promise of “Dedicating every kilogram value of natural gas to the society” by fully developing natural gas and related industries. Hanas Group has already started its nationwide expansion and deployment throughout the upstream, midstream and downstream industry chain of the natural gas industry. Our major investment covers import LNG terminals, transportation, industrial use and distributed energy resources.

Hanas Natural Gas Group Company invests in green, clean, safe and reliable energy projects to help alleviate the society’s heavy dependence on heavily polluting energies. We seek environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions to empower China’s transformation in energy structure and strive for a better life for the people.


In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of LNG filling stations, the ability and level of...